Argan Oil

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on over priced skin care products? If so, then check out organic argan oil. This oil is rich in Vitamin E and other essential nutrients. In addition, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of using natural skin care products versus synthetic types that contain a variety of potentially harmful chemicals.

Some estimates suggest that the average American adult is exposed to about 170 such substances each day. Many of them are contained in common skin care products, from lipsticks and deodorants, to sunscreen and insect repellant. This is a main reason why health conscious individuals are becoming increasingly interested in natural approaches to skin care, and argan oil is at the top of the list.pura D argan oil

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Beneficial Uses of Argan Oil

This precious oil has been valued for over 3,500 years for its health and medicinal uses, as well as for its cosmetic properties. In earlier days, the oil was popular as a bread dip, or on couscous and salads. Today it is used to moisturize skin, reduce wrinkles, fight acne, and heal skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Other uses include strengthening fingernails and conditioning damaged hair. The benefits and properties of this Moroccan oil are of particular interest to the anti-aging industry, and to all consumers looking for a natural alternative to the array of chemical additives in most commercially available skin care products.

Organic Argan Oil Benefits

There are a number of active ingredients that contribute to the beneficial effects produced by this special oil. It contains over 200% more Vitamin E than olive oil. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that reduces harmful free radicals and protects the skin from sun damage and from contact with chemicals and general pollution. It also improves the skin’s ability to retain and use water.

The oil contains essential fatty acids, important to keeping cells healthy, as well as keeping the skin firm and able to reform after stretching. Oleic and lanoleic acids possess anti-inflammatory ingredients that help heal the skin. The oil also contains polyphenols. This is another anti-inflammatory that helps fight free radicals and helps protect the skin from sun damage and aging. An additional ingredient is squalene oil, which is a natural moisturizer that also helps promote healing.


It’s produced from seeds from the argan tree that grows in Morocco. This is a very old species, and is very well suited to growing in the drought and harsh conditions of the southwestern part of that country. The tree used to cover North Africa, but it is now considered endangered and is under UNESCO protection. Because the tree now grows only in a small and specific area, argan oil has become one of the scarcest oils in the world. It is not in plentiful supply, as a full season’s output from one tree only produces about one liter of oil.


Traditionally, Moroccan Berbers would collect the undigested argan pits from the waste of goats that had climbed argan trees to eat its fruit. These pits would be ground up and then pressed to collect the oil. Today the seeds are harvested directly from the tree and then processed by machines, and mechanical presses or solvent extraction methods are used to collect the oil.

Commercial Control

Today all available oil from the argan tree is produced by a women’s cooperative that shares revenues generated with the women of the Berber tribe. A reforestation project has been developed by the cooperative so that the supply of oil does not run out, thus ensuring sustainable income. Monies are used to support communities as a whole, and also to provide local health care and education. The Moroccan government states that some 3 million people are supported by the efforts of this cooperative.

Choosing Oil Products

Because it is so rare, much of the oil displayed even in Moroccan shops is adulterated with cheaper oils. This mixture stays liquid and translucent at fridge temperature, while the pure oil will become semi-solid at about 2 to 4 degrees C. Pure argan oil is expensive, but a little does go a long way, putting it in a category similar to other high-end cosmetics and moisturizers.

It will likely be necessary to search to find products that use the purest oil. Stores specializing in health care and cosmetics, and natural food stores may be a source. Certainly, there is a wealth of information available on the internet, and there are online companies that offer pure oil products, guaranteeing that oil used is Ecocert certified, as well as deodorized to remove the typical nutty smell of the raw oil. The Berber secret of the skin nourishing, therapeutic and anti-aging properties of this oil is now available for all.

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  1. Jenny says:


    I have used argan oil for the past 6 months and its simply amazing at what’s it’s done for my skin. For the price, it looks pretty good.

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